If you want to make money from your website then there are a lot more methods to consider other than just placing Google AdSense on your website (which is the route that most people go down). In fact, if you were to look at the websites that have had the most success, then you will see that they don't really rely on Google AdSense at all in many cases and that they instead opt to use other monetization methods.

There are many reasons for this, but the most important is simply that AdSense is not the most effective way to earn. If you have AdSense on your website, then every time someone clicks on your link you will make some money. However at the same time you will find that Google also makes some money (more money), and that the advertiser makes some money (more money). In short you are at the bottom of this pyramid and taking the smallest cut of all. The other downside is that when you use Google AdSense you are willingly sending people away from your site. You spend all that money and time on getting people to visit your pages in the first place with your online marketing, and then you just give it away for 10 cents when they get there. Doesn't seem to make sense does it?

To improve your online success you can improve your internet marketing which will help to bring more and more people to your website. At the same time though you should also improve your monetization techniques and this will mean that each of your visitors is worth more to you thus multiplying the efforts of your internet marketing considerably.

So what other monetization methods are there that can get you a bigger slice of the pie? Here we will look at some of the other strategies you can use to get people to come to your site and earn you more money.

E-Books: Selling e-books whether they are PDFs, or whether they are Kindle books is a great way to earn money online. Here you have absolutely no overheads or upfront costs in terms of printing, but you can market this to make you a lot of money. Turn your website into one giant advert for your book, and make sure that you promote your book on all of your pages ('Enjo[censored] this article? Learn more by buying the book!') and that you use your mailing list and YouTube videos to promote it too.

Courses: Selling an online course can mean selling your books along with a course of videos and a course of instructive e-mails. You can charge much more for this, and you can be more involved with your customers. Ask them how you could improve the service and listen to what they have to say and there you have free market research.

Premium Section: If you have a premium section on your website then you can get people to sign up and pay a monthly fee which will more than cover the cost of your internet marketing. This is a rolling income which makes it even more valuable, and as your profit increases your workload won't.

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