Ginseng is available as American Ginseng, Chinese, Korean (Panax) or Siberian Ginseng. They are energy boosters and revitalizer. It is used for impotence, weakness, and lethargy and fatigue. It stimulates appetite and aids in digestion. Ginseng is also used for respiratory problems including colds, coughs, shortness of breath, and other lung problems. Ginseng stimulates the immune system and is used for those who get sick easily and help us to get health and fitness. All forms of ginseng have similar properties. American ginseng is cooler and milder than Asiatic ginseng thus your body type should govern which form to take. There are in fact numerous grades and varieties of ginseng with some of the more precious varieties costing thousands of dollars for the root. They all possess similar properties. The potency of the treasured varieties is said to be greater. There is also a great deal of myth and superstition that surrounds the roots, with certain shapes and sizes being prized over others. It is often this mythology that leads Westerners to discount herbal remedies. Regardless of the myths and categories, ginseng root appears to provide the body with many useful and energizing properties. It is now widely available in many forms from capsules, to teas and soups. It is best to take the type of ginseng that best matches your own body's characteristics.

In buying fresh ginseng, the older the root the more effective is its properties. Age can be determined by counting the scars (each scar equals one year. Length and girth are also good indications of age. On the flip side, researchers at Wayne State University have tested ginseng with regard to aerobic performance and have found that it does little to benefit the workout and also help to prevent heart disease .

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is plant pollen (from male seed flowers), which is mixed with bee secretions and formed into granules. It contains a good combination of vitamins, minerals (especially magnesium and zinc), protein, fats, and all the essential amino acids. Bee Pollen is one of those products derided because of some of the outrageous claims made in support of it. It is touted as an energy booster, cure-all and anti-aging product with many other, less tangible qualities. What it is, plain and simple, is a good natural source for many nutrients. If a person's diet is lacking in one or more of these nutrients, bee pollen will fill in these gaps. If a person's diet provides sufficient levels of all nutrients, bee pollen research has not shown any additional benefits.

One of the difficulties with bee pollen is that the substances are entirely dependent on which flowers the bees visit to pick up the pollen. There can be twenty bee pollen products on a shelf (all labeled the same) and each one will contain different substances. Unfortunately most labels cannot and do not make any distinctions. This results is a wide variety of products all labeled identically. People who are allergy sensitive should be careful of bee products because they can often contain substances, which are not listed on the label.

For dieters bee pollen can be beneficial because it provides a concentrated source of nutrients without the calories.

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